About Charmaine

CHARMAINE DAVIS writes with favor and flavor: 

Salty. Stimulating. Life-preserving.

She writes interracial romance*, family comedy, middle-grade fiction, speculative fiction, issues dealing with the Christian life and devotionals.

Charmaine's Books:

Breaking Wedlock
Getting Riley
Stuck on Love
Exposed to Love
Sweetened by Love
Thief of Heaven
The Red House: Almost a Memoir
Worshipful Witness

*A note concerning Charmaine's romances: Her interracial romances typically feature black women and white men (bwwm), number one because she's a black woman married to a white man since 1992, and number two, she desires to connect the black woman and the white man--without fetish--in an equal, loving, and romantic relationship that is counter to their historical narratives as black woman as victim and white man as rapist. Her dream is for humanity to realize they are one and created from One.

Charmaine's stories have been praised as "refreshing!", "uplifting", "thought-provoking", and "laugh out loud!"

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~A growing concern since 1992~